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Hi, I'm Fallon. I'm a climbing & mental performance coach based in St. George, Utah.

Fallon Rowe climbs near St George, Utah

Backed by 10 years of coaching teams and clinics, my coaching helps anyone who is facing challenges in their climbing by emphasizing self-compassion and Stoicism. 

I firmly believe everyone has the capacity to take charge of their mental performance (and physical training) to optimize their climbing. I hear time and time again from folks I have helped that I changed their life, and that they can finally enjoy climbing again thanks to the work we did together. I'd love to help you, too.

About Me

My Services.

One on one mental training.

Work together remotely on video calls where we cover my mental performance curriculum in sections, address your personal struggles in climbing, and discuss prompts and drills to guide you to your goal mindset. Covers similar content as clinics, but in a private setting with as much time as you need on each topic. Fully custom and paced for each climber depending on goals.

Custom training plans.

Mental performance clinics.

Get a physical training plan that works for you, customized for your level and needs, with modular options to fit a flexible schedule. Includes a screening call to go over goals and experience, and follow up call for any questions, with option for further support if desired.

One or two day clinics will focus on improving your climbing mindset, learning to intercept negative thoughts, and creating targeted goals to improve your mental performance in climbing. Dive into strategies for managing fear, uncovering root causes of unhelpful thought patterns, and evaluating risk to honor your mind and body. Practice falls, inner reflections, healthy communication, and a willingness to try will be key!

Let's Talk
Fallon Rowe climbs at The Grail.

"You have power over your mind — not outside events; realize this and you will find strength."

Marcus Aurelius

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